A Dangerous Film (world première)

Updated: Jan 31, 2019

In February 2019, AKOM takes the form of a string quintet and joins solo flutist and AKOM core member Federico Dalprà, composer Guy Sternberg and video artist Nir Evron in Berlin, Germany for the recording and live world première of A Dangerous Film, a new video work documenting the activities of the Jewish Lehi paramilitary underground organisations that operated in Palestine from 1940 until the foundation of the state of Israel.

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Date: 16-02-2019 Time: 21:00 (doors open 20:30) Location: 10999, Berlin (exact location to be revealed after ticket purchase)

About the performance (source)

A Dangerous Film is "a new video work based entirely on the re-editing 16mm film materials, recently discovered in Tel Aviv. The film contain several disturbing scenes documenting the activities of the Lehi paramilitary underground organisations from 1948. The Lehi – a Jewish militant group operating in Palestine from 1940 until the foundation of the state of Israel (also known as “The Stern Gang”), was a violent and active contributor to the bloodshed that swept the region. This unseen film footage was in dire condition as a result of the decomposition of its dangerous and unstable nitrate based celluloid emulsion.  

Evron commissioned Guy Sternberg, an Israeli composer and musical producer based in Berlin to create a new musical score that will accompany the troubling images. The music (in the form a modern classical composition) is based on the tension between description and noise, narrative and chaos, and will follow the development of the images. This composition is to be performed live by a musical ensemble alongside a premiere screening of the work."

"A dangerous film is an abstract reflection of the images of falling apart film, what once was a revolutionary and dangerous propaganda material is today rotten and beaten reels of flammable material suffering from the damages of time…"

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